Team Building

Are you working together or just at the same time? We customize group development programs and lectures in areas such as team development, communication and leadership

We adjust our team building activities for your purposes and desires. We offer different subject courses and lectures on our own island in the Stockholm archipelago, as well as at conference facilities, the Swedish mountains and abroad.


The environment, nature, where we are is an important factor to reinforce the message and we have many amazing places to offer you as a customer. We also have extensive knowledge and experience.

The content varies but often its about group dynamics, communication and leadership. We distinguish between team strengthening activities and team building.

Implementing change is a process that can take time. It is important that there is room for important reflections and discussions that will enable us to create added value for you.

If we look at the group development in a broader perspective, it is important that you as a group follow up, se that you start to really make use of what you just learned and make visible the impact of your efforts.

We tailor make programs that extend over varying periods of time depending on your purpose and goals.

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