Conference in the Stockholm archipelago

Experience the sea and the beautiful scenery. Be inspired by the silence and stillness.

There are many possibilities and we can direct you to a variety of fine facilities and environments. The archipelago is our workplace, our back yard, let us share our knowledge. We offer complete solutions with accommodation, food, conference, transport and activities.

Depending on what your goals with your day / days the choices are many. Some of the facilities located more centrally others are in genuine archipelago.

From the conference hotel to the sailboat

We can offer everything from conference hotels to inns, hostels, tents or a sailboat. Or why not book your own island. On our adventure island, Stora Löknäsholmen, just outside Värmdö you have the opportunity to exclusivity and recreation.

Två ihopkopplade stora vildmarkskåtor

Conference Activities

Combine your archipelago experience with an activity. We know from experience that it is a powerful and effective tool to reinforce your message and to create lasting memories for the participants.

We have worked with and arranged customized activities since 1995. The Stockholm archipelago is our base where we have a great opportunity to offer you experiences that most definitely enrich your conference.

Examples of activities

  • The High Rope Obstacle Course
  • Team Activities
  • Stand Up Paddleboard
  • Sailing
  • RIB boat-adventure
  • Jet Scooter
  • Kayak / Canoe
  • Under water Jet
  • The Challenge
  • Winter Activities

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