Project Description

The Expedition

Since ancient times, the survival instinct and knowledge about nature and the environment we are staying in has been the foundation of human development. Our ability to survive has been built on the ability to adapt to different environments.

Still in our high-tech society, in a survival situation, having ancient knowledge and technology can be the difference in how we how we handle the situation.

The Expedition is an activity that lasts for 24-36 hours. The activity takes place in Stockholm’s archipelago.



During the expedition, participants will face a variety of challenges and problems to be solved. You will distribute the tasks among the participants according to their personal interests and skills, build your own camp, procure materials, structuring equipment, tools and materials, build cooking hob, cook, find water, build latrines, etc.

The group will also solve problems both physical and tricky. We will also go through the basic elements fire, water, shelter and food.

The expedition will put the various teams’ collaboration skills, creativity, communication skills and physics to the test.

Examples of activities:

Obstacle Course A challenging obstacle course that requires team physics and competitive instinct.
The Problem Tricky problems to be solved by the team.
Military Kayak Paddling in the open 2-man kayak. The team appoints two paddlers must paddle out to a buoy and solve the task there.
Skytte Shooting disciplines such as archery and blowgun.
Survival Skills   Different exercises in line with the theme; making fire, carrying a stretcher on time, to decipher the signs of nature, taste wild plants and name them.
Duration: 12-36 hours
Number of participants: 10-40