Project Description

The Challenge

Put the group’s competitive instinct and teamwork to the test!

The Challenge consists of 7 different activities. The content of the different exercises will put the group’s competitive instinct and teamwork skills to the test. You are divided into teams of 5-10 people in each group.
A guide / instructor accompany each team during the race. Duration: 1.5 hours.


Examples of activities:

The Pipeline  One of our most liked team exercises. Build a construction and roll the 5 balls into the bucket on the fastest time without mishap!
Rope Duel  A technical tug of war where you challenge a student from another team – man to man. More technique than strength required.
Archery Here you get to use your talents while shooting. Instinctively shooting.
The Cups You will challenge a member in an opposing team in fast duels, you need to think quickly and strategically. A very tricky exercise that requires the entire group common knowledge and skills.
Blowpipe A classic. Instinctively shooting, all participants must shoot.
Segway All participants drive on a laid out course. The team’s total time is counted.
The Coins A tricky exercise that requires group creativity and teamwork skills.
Number of participants: