Project Description

The Strong Team with the High Rope Obstacle Course

Build up a strong team with our high rope course on the island Stora Löknäsholmen in the Stockholm archipelago.

Our high rope course is located in Stockholm’s central archipelago. It´s guaranteed to be a challenge for both the group and the individual.

Höghöjdsbanan - U-gången


The High Rope Obstacle Course consists of 10 different challenging exercises. The participants together with our skilled instructors move between the tree tops through a number of elements such as climbing, logs, bridges, rope and wire passages.

The exercises are of varying difficulties. The course has varying heights with the final descending down the rope at the start of 20 meters.

One of the most adventurous and loved moments is the 106 meter long zip wire that takes participants from the mainland to the island.

The most spectacular moments will almost certainly stretch the participant’s personal limit and put great demands on the group’s ability to work together.

The course can be combined with a visit to our wilderness camp with a large wilderness hut, wood-fired hot tub and sauna raft. How often you will be given the opportunity to be on and enjoy your own private island?

Combine the high-rope with “The Challenge” which is a competitive activity or any of our water activities, for instance. Stand Up Paddle or kayaking.


On the high-rope, we are confronted with many of the difficulties that we encounter in our everyday lives. With difficulty, we mean the requirements to be a good communicator where we are active in our role as both transmitter and receiver, our ability to cooperate and be sensitive to our surroundings.

The importance of clarity becomes obvious when we face a problem that is likely to challenge both the individual and the group.

Our instructors are not only trained to lead the group safely through the various steps on the course, but they also have great insight into the processes that is the important group development. They do a lot of team building, work in communication and leadership.

The course is a very good tool where the group is given the opportunity to connect theory with practice. We make important reflections on how the group works and how we by highlighting this can apply our new knowledge in our workplaces.

Price: 695: - excluding VAT
Duration: 3 hours
Number of participants: 10-40
Location: The High Rope Obstacle Course located on our own island Stora Löknäsholmen outside Värmdö in the Stockholm Archipelago.