Project Description

The Strong Team

“The strong team” is a team building concept and activity where the objective is to strengthen the group and get the participants to understand the group dynamic processes. We combine actual exercises with thought, reflection and discussion.

Group dynamics is the art of maximizing the group’s abilities and skills, and get them to work together towards the same goal.


A great leader

The format and content is created for your specific needs, aims and objectives.

Subjects that we highlight are:

  • Participation
  • Your part
  • Feedback
  • Individual responsibility
  • Managing/handling change
  • Leadership
  • Goals / Milestones
  • Communication

The latter is one of the most important factors. The human brain is amazing. It has a unique ability to store information, analyze complex situations and solve problems, etc. The brain, however, has difficult to grasp incomplete information.

The importance of communication and communicating correctly is crucial for the group’s development.

Price: 895: - excl. VAT
Duration: 2-2.5 hours
Number of participants: At least 10