Project Description

We will tailor make your next event

Would you like some help with planning the world’s best party or event? This is something we are really good at and have a lot of experience in. In addition we have a number of partners that ensure good prices and when you book it all through us you can be sure you will not pay more than if you were to book it directly yourself.

We will help you put it all together with an experienced project manager and / or party producer. Full transparency throughout the process. Successful arrangement require a party planner with both the skill of good planning but also great contacts. We can also create and build your theme parties with decor, furniture, sound and lighting equipment and stages.

The Dome - Ernst & Young

We have a wide range of party and event locations, our own private island in the archipelago and various tent solutions you can have your party, event or conference in.

Our basic idea is that we want to convey and give experiences. northern hemisphere is an activity and event company. We work with the idea, strategy, production and management of the event. We also produce and organize activities staff parties, kick-offs, conferences, client events, lectures, seminars and trips.

northern hemisphere has more than 20 years experience in the activity and event industry. Our goal is that every event will create lasting value for your company as a whole and for each participant personally. Successful arrangement requires both good planning and good contacts.

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