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Why northern hemisphere?

What we want and what we aim for is to create and convey an experience that gives the customers an added value, something more than what they expected. We work with the small details and great experiences.

northern hemisphere has since 2003 organized and carried out team activities and nature experiences all year round. We have extensive experience and a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed any season.

When you hire us, we´d like to understand your exact purpose and goals of the activity and on this basis, we tailor a suitable activity.

We primarily focus on companies but also organize team activities for organizations, schools and private groups. We work mainly in Stockholm but many of our activities are mobile and we will be glad to create what you need and want at the place you have chosen for your event.

We are driven by a strong desire to share all the wonderful experiences that is our every day. It is about the exciting meetings with oneself, your friends or colleagues in beautiful environments.

A well-planned activity as part of a conference, incentive or training program can often act as a catalyst to get people to know each other and open for a relaxed dialogue between employees.

We know from experience that it is a powerful and effective tool to reinforce messages and to create lasting memories of the participants.

Book your activity today!

When you order your activity through us, we would like to know what purpose and goal you have with the activity. With that as a starting point we can tailor make your activity accordingly.